Bil ve Kazan

We added a new comment on knowledge competetions and created Bil ve Kazan, It's an entertaining mobile game where you can earn points by solving questions and win a prize if you make it to the top 3 with your earned points



Fuarea is a web and mobile-supported application that makes it easy for you to track your products and customers anytime and anywhere.


Finishing Automation

Order List
Finishing Order Informations
Accompaniment Form
Production Planning
Workload Analysis
Accompanying in Production
Accompanying Completed


Weaving Tracking System

With the help of the weaving production monitoring system, you can instantly follow all your weaving machines in the field and access summary information about your yields. With a click you easily can get information about running batch information and production information.


Fabric Quality Control Software

The program can provide summary or detailed reports about the lot, current customer, added errors, added parts, ball sizes, personnel performances and company shipments.


Fabric Cutting Optimization

Batch quality control is the first step of optimization. In this prosess errors seen by the operator are entered into the system. Thus, the error map of that batch is obtained.



With the advancement of technology, in most sectors, the use of manpower in the production phase is decreasing and leaving their places to machines. However, periodic maintenance is required for high efficiency obtain consistently from work machines. Maintenances should be planned.Necessary materials should be kept in stock so that in case of any malfunction the problem should be resolved as soon as possible and production should continue.

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